What I thought of Obsidian...

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.”


Well... Obsidian. First things first just for your information I'm reading all of the series now, it's just that intriguing and worthy of a plot. The heroine Katy Swartz might not be the most unique of modern day heroines - strongheaded, doubtful, stubborn and occasionally feisty yet painfully irritating at times - but she manages to stand her own. In Obsidian Katy proved herself to again and again be a better person that I originally gave her credit for as well as being a suitable help and significant other to Dameon Black. So that aside - let's get to their relationship. 


The two of you stop being so adorable! It's hot, sexy and although I'll never imagine Katy the way that the book cover wants me to (I imagine her curvier with a bit more weight on and less makeup...) I love how her and Dameon fit in my mind. I think it's cute that they don't have a relationship by the end of the book or that they just refrain from subduing to their inner lusts entirely. They are just too damn perfect and I can safely admit that I love them - ugh! Sure, it's cliché with a bit of alien in the mix but it's lovely and refreshing to see this so well written. 


Occasionally, I found myself bored though and that couldn't be helped since it was frustrating to see how perfect these people were and everyone but them could see what was in front of their eyes. I mean when a normal teenage girl is totally okay with you being an alien and you fancy her quite a bit and would die fighting for her ... I suppose that's a tad of a hint. What kept me going? 


Dameon Black - intriguing, stellar and if this wasn't so done before then I would give it a higher rating but for what it is and its simple although enganging writing style I guess this is enough. The plot was great too ^.^